Five (5) Fast Blogging Tips!

Five (5) Fast Blogging Tips!

OK, so your excuse is that you are simply too busy to blog? Believe me, I know where you are coming from! When I first began blogging I had a full-time job in the corporate world that I hated. Well, actually, I hated my “ass-kissing” boss! Enough about that! I totally understand what it means to truly “have a life,” but I also know that each reader of my page could write a blog post that is going to work to boost your business. In fact, a lot faster than you believe!

Practice the following five (5) tips to write your blog posts quicker. You may have more hours to spend (than you think) on developing your organization skills as well as improving the speed and quality of your writing.

Clock In, Clock Out

“Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan!” If you neglect to plan properly, you have already set yourself up for failure. It is not difficult to spend two or three hours spinning out of control thought-wise. Try giving yourself a fixed time allotment. Timing yourself a fixed time of no more than an hour to compose your post. When the timer goes off, “times up!” Finish or delete your current sentence then quit writing. Crank up the spell checker, proofread and the publish your “Magnum Opus.”

Can’t Miss Formula

In the very first paragraph tell your reader what you’re going to let them know. Now focus the middle section of your post into constructing an easy to understand path to knowledge. Satisfy your readers by delivering on your “Title Promise.” Finally, the last paragraphs should pull everything together to justify your editorial position or point of expertise.

Numbers Game

When you don’t allow for distractions, composing quickly is quite simple. Have a headline like this blog post “Five (5) Fast Blogging Tips!” This forces you (in a nice way) to work from a self-made template to get the job done in expedited fashion.

Headline Friendly

Developing a headline before beginning writing keeps you focused. Keep in mind that you simply must always deliver on whatever promise you make in your headline. Then compose to deliver the necessary information that your headline promises.

Technology Is Your Friend

Utilized speech to text applications! When you write as you talk, these reader friendly posts will increase productivity output as well as develop a loyal fan-base. So why not allow technology to take over? Dragon provides an affordable piece of software which realizes this, and is 99% “dialed in” out of the box. Many notebooks and PCs provide some sort of built in voice recognition writing applications as well. Most people (unless you’re my sister who blows these numbers away) talk two (2) to five (5) times quicker than you type at the keyboard.

See, you DO have the time tools necessary finish your site post in record time. Here’s to each of you becoming a respected and successful blogger!