Web Designer versus Client

Top web design blog sites will give you helpful tutorials, the most recent business news and “how-to’s.”  Many will share exclusive guidance from experienced experts and inspirational showcases of successful sites.  Having this information all at your fingertips will undoubtedly allow you to keep a beat on the sector.

As a web designer, it may be hard to find out the purpose of every website at first.  Did your client bring you another website to compare and offer “inspiration?”  To make matters even more challenging, the net is home to thousands of websites of all varieties that tend to confuse potential clients/customers by overwhelming them with a gazillion choices!

One the best and possibly overlooked methods to construct websites is simple; ask the appropriate questions from your client. It is imperative that everyone is on the same page.  Discuss desired intent, time-frame and then at the appropriate time, budget.  Inquire about intent, targets and how results will be quantified.  Ask questions that enable you to help the customer understand the worth of an endeavor that is successful to their entire company or project.  When this is accomplished one can then concentrate on the work as a professional investment instead of simply a price.

Oftentimes designers are most worried about visual and usability questions when to get in the core of a great layout you should be asking questions regarding the individuals who will hopefully land on their website.  In regard to the design, functionality and message, the customer needs to be very specific about their “end goal” and make sure that the world wide web understands the finished project.

Look way past the design layout. Significant features which make a site really beam and stand out are frequently missed.  Think about Search Engine Optimization and how this may drive more visitors to the website as well as help with general messaging. Many web designs that are visually stunning and offer state-of-the-art functionality, are not increasing sales because the developer and client spent way too much time with wiz-bang designs and not the all important factor. . .  conversion!

It should be noted that most web designers are not marketing experts and therein lies the all important factor of communication between all involved in the project.  Spend the necessary time “thinking out loud” and consult the right people within the organization before placing the first keystroke to the process.  Communication is KING!

Take a moment and watch this amusing and all too (at times) true video.  We will see you next update!